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The transport sector in Japan has strict rules for truck drivers with heavy or dangerous loads. Before the driver can access the truck key, the driver must be alcohol tested, temperature- tested, have a blood pressure test and answer a number of control questions. All this data should be archived for later inspection or printed for health reports. 

The checks are time-consuming and create a lot of manual work, which is why WIZ has developed a fully-automated solution together with the KeyRack system to streamline this daily process.

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The system that WIZ developed for its customers is called ‘Kenco’. When the driver arrives, they must register in Kenco, which is done by entering their employee code and via facial recognition. 

Checks for the driver

The driver is then guided through the test process by ‘Pepper-Kun’, a reception robot. The driver must be alcohol tested, temperature- tested, and have a blood pressure test. The reception robot then has a number of control questions for the driver to check if the driver experiences dizziness, headaches, how the driver slept, etc. 

Upon passing the test, the reception robot then finishes by asking the driver about their work orders, in order to check which key the driver needs, and then prints a one-time code for the driver, which can then be used in the KeyRack key access system. If there is no work order, the driver will report the registration number of the vehicle of his choice and access to the KeyRack system is permitted. 

KeyWin6 integration

The Kenco system handles all users and health data, but in order to give drivers access to the right key, Wiz has created an integration between Kenco and KeyWin6 where you submit data for the user and what key is needed to create an access. When the key is returned after the work task has been performed, the access between user and key is removed and the driver must re-register in Kenco and undergo the tests via the reception robot.

The automation of the control process creates increased security for Wiz customers and, at the same time as streamlining the process, has saved a lot of time for both the driver and the controller.

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