Industry solutions

All industries are winners with smart storage

At Creone, we are continuously developing smart and secure storage systems that have applications in many different industries. Often this concerns simpler key cabinets and valuables cabinets for customers with normal needs for security, but just as often our products are specialised for a key management system for a specific industry such as banking, with our secure double code function, or hotels and car rental firms with our flexible remote code function. With our cabinets, you gain greater security in your organisation, but above all new ways to increase the efficiency of your work and save on unnecessary costs.

Key storage for healthcare

When work shifts are different, and many people have manual sign-offs

A fast pace in healthcare places great demand on easily accessible keys.

Two people performing maintenance and accessing keys through an electronic key storage and management system

For total control and smooth processes

Maintenance and servicing means the right person needs to have access keys, access cards and other technical equipment.

Car dealers manage all car keys using smart key cabinets
Car dealerships

For customer satisfaction and control of car stock

Buying a car is a big and important transaction. The customer must be the focus and there is no time for time-consuming key management.

An unmanned reception that uses key cabinets
Key distribution

For unmanned receptions

Giving keys and other items to customers at inconvenient times and operating unmanned receptions has many challenges.

A property owner distributes keys through key cabinets that use an intelligent key management system,

Manage contractors and spaces

The properties should be managed and contractors need access to the building and other spaces.

The airport protects its security by installing key cabinets

Increase security by controlling access

Airports are characterised by high levels of security. Nothing can be left to chance.

Hotel receptions become more efficient with a key management system

A safe and secure customer experience

In the hotel industry, the main focus is on the guests’ experience. All practical aspects of the business should work quickly, smoothly and preferably completely unnoticed.

Security companies have many electronic key cabinets connected to a key management system
Security companies

Cost-effective key management

Whether it is security services or technical security solutions, the safety of the customer and your employees is a top priority.