Key management systems for complete control and smooth work processes

Maintenance and servicing means the right person needs to have access keys, access cards and other technical equipment. Creone electronic systems for key storage and management give you complete control of keys and other valuable devices. A continuous electronic log improves security and provides valuable insight into how your keys are used.

With Creone electronic key cabinets and key management systems, you can create the perfect solution for your specific needs. You choose where, how and by whom the keys should be handled, and all information is recorded and logged. Smart, smooth and secure.

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It should be easy to keep track of which keys are in circulation, and who uses them. In our user-friendly administration interface, you can easily add new users and connect them to the desired key or group – with just a few clicks. The administrator can also control and distribute rights to staff.  

With smart key cabinets and security-rated key management systems, you get total control and overview of key distribution to both staff and contractors. You know exactly who has picked up which key and you will receive a notification when keys are not returned on time. Smooth, smart and secure.

With our key management systems, you and your staff can easily retrieve and return keys in electronic key cabinets at any time. You can choose to either centralise key management in a hub, or to place the key cabinets locally where the keys are used. A modern solution that creates greater flexibility and comfort, both for employees and employers. 

With smart key cabinets, key strips, and key walls, it’s easy to build on and expand, if you want to add more keys. Start with the number of keys needed currently, and easily add more key strips if needed. All you have to do is connect the new strip and restart the system. 

Creone has solutions for all types of needs – from small key cabinets to large custom-made key rooms with key strips on the wall. We can offer key storage in all safety classes and are happy to help you choose. With Creone, you will always find the key storage solution you need, regardless of the size and security requirements you are looking for.

To give you maximum control of your keys, we offer intelligent key strips that alert or lock if keys are removed without authorisation. This way you can be sure that your keys do not fall into the wrong hands. A modern system that creates security – for both staff and employers.

KeyWin6 has a well-developed API that allows you to integrate KeyWin6 and third party systems. This means that you can create your own tailor-made system for key management, thus further streamlining your work processes. It is an effective way to achieve the highest possible level of safety – and total control.

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Your flexible key management system

KeyBox smart key cabinet 9600 SC with open doors, used for key management
KeyBox key storage logo KeyControl series

The smart system with electronic key identification.

KeyBox basic key distribution cabinet, designed for key management
KeyBox key storage logo System series

Saves all events for electronic key distribution.

KeyBox basic key distribution cabinet, designed for key management
KeyBox key storage logo Basic series

Easiest solution for electronic key distribution.

10 intelligent key strips with control box mounted on the wall and key cabinet for a unique key management.
KeyRack key storage logo

Accessible and flexible key management

Pair your keys with the IntelliPin key peg and place them in the KeyRack system’s lockable/non-lockable key strips, directly on the wall or in a cabinet. It couldn’t be easier to secure an overview and complete control of your key stock.


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