Ivo Klinkov

Previously, you had to chirp all keys at the reception.

Previously, you had to chirp all keys at the reception.

Efficient key management at Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel is a four star hotel in Söder near Stockholm with a staff of around 100 employees. In choosing our key cabinets KeyBox in combination with the PC-based key management system KeyWin, the hotel has an extremely simple and efficient key management system.

Manual check in/out of keys

- Previously, staff would have to check in and out all keys at the reception. This was inefficient and gave us a poor level of control says Ivo Klinkov, Chief Engineer at Hilton Stockholm Slussen.

Flexible solution with Keybox

Once KeyBox and KeyWin have been installed, each employee receives a code to a personal key compartment where the key is stored. Via our computer, we can control who has access to which keys. We can see when and by whom the keys are collected and returned. Changing authorisation and time periods is extremely easy.

- We can adapt the key management system to match our needs exactly. Some keys are to be accessible to many people, other keys are personal. In some departments, a KeyBox with individual compartmens is required, others require a KeyBox with many keys in the same conmpartment. It is simple to combine.

Increased security and lower costs

- Now employees only need to look after one key, the key to the staff entrance. This means increased peace of mind as a lost main key means considerable costs and a lot of extra work for the hotel. Improved storage and control have minimised the risks.

- For us, KeyBox and KeyWin mean good security, good organisation and, in the long-term, positive financial benefits.

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Hilton hotell

Hilton Stockholm Hotel is a first class hotel with 289 rooms and 17 conference rooms situated in Södermalm in Stockholm.

Hilton Stockholm Slussen has chosen 9006 S as its main cabinet, with the addition of several 9006 E extension cabinets and connected to KeyWin S software.