What is


KeyWin is a software that simplifies your key managementin a flexible and easy to grasp way. You can monitor and control both key management and storage of valuables. The program is suitable for KeyBox key cabinets that manage from ten keys up to several thousand as well as for ValueBox cabinets that manage your valuables.

Moreover, you can use up to 100 cabinets in the same system and in different locations. All events are registered and it is easy to search for information on a given compartment or user.

KeyWin5 as a brand new web application

KeyWin5 is also available as a web application, which gives you the opportunity to access the administration even from tablets, smartphone and computers which do not have the software installed.

KeyWin5 as an web application which manage our keys, key cabinets and key management.

Invest in the future

The platform of the products is called SimCom, which is a microprocessor hybrid developed by SAAB- owned Combitech. SimCom uses the Linux embedded open system, which provides unlimited opportunities. 

Thanks to its partnerships in many sectors (defence, marine, traffic safety, industry), Combitech ensures that both the hardware and the software are optimally developed together. Through our collaboration with Combitech and the SimCom platform, we ensure that the products always feature the latest technology and that our customers can have confidence in our products for many years to come.

Along with SAAB-owned Combitech we develop key management and other management systems.

KeyWin6 features

Users can be grouped into its key cabinets and value box

Easy to use

The administrator determines the members of staff who have access to a specific key by entering which user can log into the key cabinet or value box with his or her personal code.

Assign user group for your electronic key box or value box in key management software KeyWin5.

Create user groups

You can simplify administration when there are many users with different access rights by creating groups. It is possible to create both key groups and user groups.

Keys are registered in the key cabinet.

Name keys

You give each key a name of your choice, or a key ID, to create order in your key management.

Intelligent search in key management software KeyWin5 where you can find everything in your value box or key box.

Intelligent search function

The search function finds everything in KeyWin, since it searches on files, email, contacts, groups, alarms, etc. - as fast as you type.

Visual key cabinet view helps you find the key in the key cabinet.

Visual cabinet view

Gives you the option to view the key cabinet's status and edit the keys in the key cabinet.

Time channel to help you with the key management system of your key cabinets and value box

Time channel

Limit a group's use by setting a time channel. The group's keys are available when the time channel is active.

Records all events in your key cabinets and value box

Event log

All events are registered in the log, both from key cabinets and from KeyWin5. You choose what will be shown. The intelligent search function, with select options and timeframe, simplifies obtaining the right information and producing reports.

Quickly make a backup in key management program KeyWin5.


You can easily create backups for the entire key management program. They are automatically named with the date and time; it is just as simple to restore the backup as it is to create it.

Alarm indication in your electronic key box or value box recorded via key management program KeyWin5.

Alarm indication

When you receive an alarm, the alarm is clearly marked by a red event in the event log and you can easily see who or what has triggered the alarm.

Export settings for your key cabinet eller value box by KeyWin.


You can always make a backup of the event log. Either via a CSV file which you can import to Excel or direct to a PDF file.

Changing the communication settings in your key cabinets or value box

Communication settings

You have a number of possible communication settings that can be synchronised with your network.

Choose from a variety of languages ​​for your key cabinets or value box

Choice of language

You can choose between several different languages, e.g. Swedish, English, Finnish, German, Flemish, Spanish, etc.

Change alert settings for your key cabinets or value box in key management software KeyWin5.

Alarm settings

You can choose between many different alarms for your key cabinet. For example, door alarm, key alarm, break-in alarm, etc.