Peter Helge

We must be certain that all keys are under control.

We must be certain that all keys are under control.

The KeyBox saves time for Västervik's Emergency Services

The Emergency Services are one industry where good order is the be all and end all. Quite simply, there is no time to search for things when an emergency occurs. Västervik's Emergency Services have chosen key cabinets from Creone to make sure that all of the keys are under control as well as to track who has used the keys.

- We have used Creone's key cabinets for a long time and it creates a sense of security for us to know we have our keys in good order, says Peter Helge, Senior Fire Officer in Västervik Municipality.

- We can easily control who will have access to a given key and when. Everything that is done in the KeyBox can also be printed out or saved on the computer; we really do have full control with the key management system, continues Peter.

Key management system

The Emergency Services in Västervik have chosen to install Creone's key cabinets in six different locations in the municipality to be certain that key management system operates as it should, and, if this is not the case, to have the option to check who did what.