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Our services

Service agreement
Regular review of your system’s functionality, with relevant measures and feedback.

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What is included
  • One planned service visit per year.
  • Reporting in writing to the customer representative responsible for the system.
  • Any spare parts that are permanently installed are replaced free of charge.
  • Key cabinet software updates.
  • Priority support (weekdays 8:00–17:00) via phone, internet or remote control.

Fixed monthly cost
  • The price is fixed per full year.
  • This price is determined by the number of Control cabinets covered by the agreement and a factor that is based on the distance between Creone and the customer.
  • For urgent service requests, the cost of the visit in travel time and compensation per mile will be added.
  • Cancellation: extended by one year if not cancelled.

We can offer full training in our products and software.

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What is included
  • Adding information into KeyWin with customers for better understanding.
  • Recommendations of how you personally can set up your system for efficient management.
  • One training session lasts three hours. Should you desire supplementary training time, this can be offered.
  • Creone books the date and time for the training together with the customer.

  • The key cabinets are installed.
  • Key cabinets must have a functioning power and network connection.
  • The IP address for the key cabinet must be ready.
  • KeyWin software must be installed as per our system requirements.

Our KeyWin web hosting service for your key management has been developed in collaboration with Saab Combitec.

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What is included
  • Very effective and secure running in Saab’s new data centre, professionally supervised running in a completely redundant environment which includes dual power supplies with external generators in case of any power failures, as well as redundant cooling systems.
  • Should the server crash, it should be back in operation within six hours, although this may only take one to two hours.
  • The server environment meets the group’s security requirements, which correspond to ISO 27001. Saab’s IT Service Management processes comply with international standard ISO 2000-1.
  • Saab applies general security requirements that have been set up by the group’s security function. This means that they comply with DIR-C-060, which is Saab’s translation of ISO 27001.
  • Saab AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Help Centre

If you are a dealer, you always have access to our Help Centre platform, which brings you into direct contact with our knowledge, decisions and challenges. This helps you to be successful in using our products. Notices help you to keep up to date with solutions to problems relating to your cases as well as those of others. You also have access to a large knowledge bank with manuals and FAQs.

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