Electronic key management at largest Nordic hotel chain

Scandic is the largest hotel operator in the Nordic countries with a network of 280 hotels and 57,000 rooms in six countries. Scandic’s hotel business was founded in 1963 and, since then, has been driving developments within the hotel industry with a Nordic spirit, a forward-looking corporate culture and frequent implementation of pioneering methods to pursue its vision of being a world-class Nordic hotel chain. In 2018, Scandic had a turnover of approximately SEK 18 billion and some 18,000 employees across its hotel operations.

Security, convenience and traceability

With so many employees and high standards of security, safety, monitoring and logistics, it goes without saying that the huge number of keys within the organisation must be managed in a consistently flawless way to ensure the highest level of security, availability and overview.

The Continental, Haymarket and Victoria Tower Scandic hotels in Stockholm have all chosen to have Creone’s digital key management systems installed. Continental uses a Keycontrol system for its alarm and operations systems keys, providing a simple and effective way of tracking and monitoring their use.

Fredrik Kempendahl, Facilities Manager at Scandic Continental, says “It’s essential that we can track the whereabouts of the keys to be sure of their availability should anything happen and for preventive purposes too.”

A Keybox system has also been installed at the Continental and Haymarket for the management of staff keys. The system allows us to ensure that staff keys are not removed from the workplace. When staff arrive at work, they put their personal keys inside their compartment and pick out the keys that are needed to give our guests a positive stay experience. The cabinets have also been strategically located to function seamlessly as part of the hotels’ everyday work activities”.

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