Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Brought up-to-date with electronic key management

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, which is a natural history museum, is more than 170 years old. This massive and labour-intensive institution welcomes over 30,000 visitors each year. The museum has relied greatly on old-fashioned methods of working since it was established. Including security systems and key management.

From manual to automatic

Until recently, hundreds of keys were being managed in the same way. They were hung on nails on a wooden board on each floor of the museum. At the end of each day, these boards were locked inside a safe and then taken out again the next morning and put back in their respective places throughout the massive building. Special keys for technical maintenance and similar work were collected and signed for manually at the reception desk.

Complete control of keys at all times

Two of our Keycontrol units have been installed in strategically chosen locations in the museum so that it now has complete control of all of its keys. Each key withdrawal is now logged digitally, whereas in the past keys disappeared or were accidentally taken home by employees. Digital logging provides the museum with 24/7 monitoring of its keys so it knows where the keys are being used and by whom. All keys now remain inside the museum, which also means that the relevant personnel always have access to the areas inside the building’s six wings.

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