Niklas Johansson

Everyday, Skobes car dealership in Tranås handles keys to cars.

Everyday, Skobes car dealership in Tranås handles keys to cars.

Practical and secure at Skobes Bil car dealership in Tranås, Sweden

Everyday, Skobes car dealership in Tranås handles keys to new cars, used cars and cars that are in to be serviced. This involves a total of around 200 keys. By choosing our key cabinets Keybox, they have found a safe and secure way of managing theirs and the customers' keys with our key management system. 

Keys in the cars

- In the distant past, all keys were left in the cars, explains Niklas Johansson, CEO at Skobes in Tranås. "Since those days, keys in the workshop have been placed in plastic folders, and the keys to cars on sale have been kept by the salespeople in their own offices. Neither solution felt especially good or safe.”

Safe and secure with Keybox

For some years now, we have been using Keybox. It is an excellent key management system and today, we have one key cabinet in the workshop and a couple of key cabinets out in the car showroom. All employees have their own code and we have control over all keys.

- We are really pleased, says Niklas who recently purchased a further couple of key cabinets in addition to those he had previously. "Keybox is sturdy and reliable. You can tell the key cabinets are of good quality and we have a good key management system. It feels safe and secure.”

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Skobes is a family-run business founded back in 1886 in Tranås, Sweden. Skobes has been selling cars since 1920 and today has branches in Tranås, Motala, Nyköping, Katrineholm and Flen. Skobes is an authorised Volvo, Renault and Ford dealer. They sell approx. 5,500 cars a year, have a turnover of approx. SEK 900m and have just under 220 employees. Skobes in Tranås has chosen four 9500 B key cabinets with space for 216 keys in each key cabinet.