Park Inn Radisson Central Tallin Hotel

Electronic key management keeps track of hotel rooms

In central Tallinn, the Park Inn family hotel has 245 rooms, a conference centre, a restaurant and a beauty salon. The tranquil inner courtyard of the Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn Hotel offers its guests a quiet and relaxing atmosphere right in the centre of Tallinn.

Complete overview of labour-intensive operations

It requires a plethora of keys to maintain a high level of security within the various administrative functions of the hotel and for the many different rooms. The business, like the hotel sector in general, is very labour-intensive with a lot of staff on full-time and part-time shifts, all of them needing access to the spaces where they conduct their daily work activities.

Fully-automated key management

Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn had the Keycontrol 9500SC intelligent key cabinet installed to give it a comprehensive overview of key usage and the means to track individual keys. It gives the administrator full control over each individual key at any given moment, knowing who is using it and how.

Keycontrol 9500SC is fitted with an electronic lock with user-specific access. After unlocking the cabinet and opening the door, the authorised user is given clear guidance by the display screen, where green lights indicate access to key(s) and red lights indicate that the user does not have access. The administrator always has full control in real time over who is using any specific key and is automatically notified if a key is not returned to the cabinet within the pre-set time period.

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