Control. Flexibility. User-friendly.

We are a Swedish company with a product that has turned out to be ideal for the international market.

We are a Swedish company with a product that has turned out to be ideal for the international market.

About Creone

Creone was founded in 1979. We supply key cabinets and value boxes to 25 countries, primarily in Europe. Creone is a subsidiary of Wärnelöv Holding; our production facility and company headquarters are located in Tranås, Sweden.
Creone is currently in an expansion phase and is seeking new distributors and co-operative partners.


Our key cabinets and value boxes give you total control over your keys and valuables. All of our key cabinets and value boxes have code locks and you can easily decide who should be given access to a certain key or a certain door. Depending upon the series you choose, you also have the ability to pull up a history or information about a certain door or a certain key directly in the display.


The KeyWin key management program gives you full control over your key management. KeyWin is clear and easy to use. The administrator registers keys and users in the program and defines in a very easy way which users will have access to which keys. All events are recorded and logged, thus making it easy to search for events linked to a certain user or key.

The Keycontrol series

KeyControl provide you with control over every individual key ring. Attach one or more keys onto a key ring together with the intelligent KeyControl peg. The peg is placed on key strips that identify the peg and indicate if it is accessible to the user or not.
Authority can be limited to certain times by using the time canals. If someone tries to remove a key they are not authorised to remove, an alarm in the cabinet will immediately sound and an alarm will be sent to KeyWin, where it is saved in a separate alarm log.


All of our key cabinets and value boxes are flexible and can easily be adapted to suit the user’s needs. Begin with storage for a few keys and then add on as the need arises. Over time, both the KeyBox and the ValueBox series can be expanded with our Expansion series. It is then possible to reach up to several thousand keys in the same system or up to 96 compartments in just one key management system. This creates flexibility and security in our cabinets.


KeyBox and ValueBox can be expanded with several key cabinets or value box in a network or by connecting additional satellite cabinets to a main cabinet. Up to 15 additional Keyboxes and Valueboxes can be added to the B and S series.
The S and SC series can be expanded by adding multiple main cabinets linked to the same KeyWin program. The SC series can be expanded one key strip at a time (14 key spaces per strip) as needs increase.

Remote administration

With the KeyWin5 program, you can administer your KeyBox without needing to go to the cabinet. Via your PC, you can easily add and delete users and codes and grant authorisations in several key cabinets simultaneously. The communication is via TCP/IP.


KeyBox and ValueBox are not only simple and easy to perform administration on, it is also easy to install.


As a user, you will be given a code to enter when you are retrieving or leaving your keys. The code may be valid for a door or for a specific box. In the SC series, the key cabinet indicates the keys a person has access to and the display shows where the key is located or who has removed a certain key.


As administrator in the KeyWin program, you have one view comprised of three different windows, a
window where all events are logged, one containing all of the users and one containing all of the keys. You can easily bring up detailed information from the event log and quickly add to both users and keys. With the help of logical icons and user friendly views, you grant quick and easy access between users and keys.


Most of our products are wall mounted and are easily installed using a normal network point. If you are going to install a larger system, the dealer you purchased the key cabinet from will give you installation assistance.