Mikael Svensson

We previously needed to handle keys using manual receipts.

We previously needed to handle keys using manual receipts.

A new way for G4S Cash to save time and money with Key management.

G4S Cash Solutions is one of three departments in G4S Sweden that daily use of key cabinets. Its purpose is to enable the secure handling of its customers' cash on a daily basis. And since it is necessary to handle keys just as securely as the cash itself, these are a fundament in the daily work.

- With the organisation growing so much in recent years, it has become imperative to use a secure and stable key management system, says Mikael Svensson, Technical Manager at G4S Cash Solutions in Sweden.

- We previously needed to handle keys using manual receipts, but that's not viable in the organisation we have today. It would take too long and in the long run cost too much, Mikael continues.

Handling several thousand of keys

G4S Cash handles several thousand of keys throughout Sweden using Creone key cabinets, thus establishing order in a company that lives up to world class organisational standards!


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