What is


ValueBox is a smart system for managing valuables that is suitable for many different industries, such as: stores, banks, police and pharmacies. The value boxes are available in different models for both large and small businesses. Together with the software KeyWin, you have full control and security as well as a user friendly administration system. 

The value boxes is available in three different versions: Basic, System and Expansion.

Value box group photo of ValueBox in Basic, System och Expansion series

Invest in the future

The platform of the products is called SimCom, which is a microprocessor hybrid developed by SAAB- owned Combitech. SimCom uses the Linux embedded open system, which provides unlimited opportunities. 

Thanks to its partnerships in many sectors (defence, marine, traffic safety, industry), Combitech ensures that both the hardware and the software are optimally developed together. Through our collaboration with Combitech and the SimCom platform, we ensure that the products always feature the latest technology and that our customers can have confidence in our products for many years to come.

Along with SAAB-owned Combitech we develop key management and other management systems.