The Keycontrol series Creone's smart range of Keyboxes with electronic key identification and key management for monitoring and control of each individual key. The KeyBox administration is performed using the PC program KeyWin5, where all events are logged and saved. 

The Keycontrol range is fully flexible and can easily be expanded from 14 key places, up to thousands of key places in the same key management system. As your needs grow, you can easily add more strips and key slots in your key cabinet, or more key cabinets. Up to 100 key cabinets can be connected in the same key management system. 

The KeyBox is available in several different versions, with a maximum of 42, 84, 224 and 924 keys per key cabinet.

Electronic key cabinet in KeyBox keycontrol-series
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8500 KR

Security cabinet with a maximum of 98 key places, 7 strips.

8600 KR

Security cabinet with a maximum of 308 key places, 22 strips.

8700 KR

Security cabinet with a maximum of 616 key places, 44 strips.

9400 SC

Electronic key cabinet 9400 SC in keycontrol-series with a door

Intelligent key cabinet (Keycontrol series) with space for a maximum of 42 key hooks.

9500 SC

Electronic key cabinet 9500 SC in keycontrol-series with a larger door

Intelligent key cabinet (Keycontrol series) with space for a maximum of 84 key hooks.

9600 SC

Electronic key cabinet 9600 SC in keycontrol-series floor-standing

Intelligent key cabinet (Keycontrol series) with space for a maximum of 224 key hooks.

9700 SC

Electronic key cabinet 9700 SC in keycontrol-series floor-standing

Intelligent key cabinet (Keycontrol series) with space for a maximum of 924 key hooks.

9500 EC

Electronic key cabinet 9500 E  in expansion-series with a larger door

Expansion key cabinet for Keycontrol series with 1 door and a maximum of 84 key hooks.

Keycontrol product features

IntelliPin lockable key pegs sound the alarm immediately, if the key is removed from the key cabinet.

Locked and unlocked key places

IntelliPin is available in two versions. Non-lockable pegs give an alarm immediately when the key is removed without authorisation first being given via the KeyWin software. Lockable pegs go a step further, and physically lock the key/peg in the strip.

Display for electronic key cabinet

Display for overview

Display for a good overview provides an excellent menu navigation. Activate alarms, see who has taken out a given key or view the history, all directly on the display.

Personal code to your electronic key cabinet

Personal Code

The key cabients is equipped with a keypad for programming and entering personal codes.

Intelligent key peg to identify each key in your electronic key cabinet


Even though the IntelliPin itself does not have any intelligence, it is because of each peg's unique identity that the peg can register all events together with KeyWin5. It is easy for you to look up who has had which key and when.

Illustration for Network. Key management system communicates by a server


The Keycontrol series, together with the KeyWin software, means the KeyBox is expandable with control via a PC network and TCP/IP.

Store up to 224 keys in a key cabinet.


You can easily store from a few keys up to several thousand keys in the Basic, System and Keycontrol key cabinet series. Compartments, key hooks or key strips that identify each key ring.

Battery backup for electronic key cabinet

Battery backup

With battery backup, you never need to worry about the key cabinet's availability.

Card reader for key cabinet

Card reader

The key cabients can be easily connected to a card reader and it is simply integrated into your existing system. Alcohol interlocks and similar solutions are also available.

RFID access to your key box


Unique code thanks to our preselected RFID reader (Promag GP200). Can only be used with the Keycontrol cabinet.

Alarm for electronic key cabinets


The key cabient is equipped with an alarm function that signals: when the door is open, if someone takes the wrong key, when the key cabinet is moved or if the service door is opened. It can also be connected to an external alarm.