What is

KeyBox is a key cabinet that offers a simple and flexible solution for key management in every environment. KeyBox is available in different models and sizes to cover all needs. You can expand your key cabinet by adding more compartments or key hooks as the need arises. Together with the KeyWin software, you have full control and save time thanks to the simple administration system. KeyBox is available in four versions: Basic, System, Expansion and the most advanced - Keycontrol.

Invest in the future

The platform of the products is called SimCom, which is a microprocessor hybrid developed by SAAB- owned Combitech. SimCom uses the Linux embedded open system, which provides unlimited opportunities. 

Thanks to its partnerships in many sectors (defence, marine, traffic safety, industry), Combitech ensures that both the hardware and the software are optimally developed together. Through our collaboration with Combitech and the SimCom platform, we ensure that the products always feature the latest technology and that our customers can have confidence in our products for many years to come.

Along with SAAB-owned Combitech we develop key management and other management systems for Key box.
Save lives with alcohol interlock device

That alcohol can ruin lives is no secret. Although it sits more and more people behind the wheel intoxicated. To now be able to combine an alcohol interlock device to Creone key cabinet makes that intoxicated persons do not have access to key cabinet and thus unable to access their keys. The same applies when you shall return the key. In this way one can check that no one sits intoxicated behind the wheel.

Dignitas alcohol interlock device AL-5 is a CENELEC approved alcohol interlock device. CENELEC is a European standard for these products and there are only 4 different alcohol interlock device readers which are accepted to this standard in Europe today.

Dignitas alcohol interlock device AL-5 based on the same technology and performance that the police handheld test equipment. The alcohol interlock device focuses on user friendliness and reliability. And in combination with Creone key cabinet this creates a unit that is based on simplicity and is user-friendly. This new product will generate a new sense of security within the company.

alcohol interlock for key box

KeyBox product features

Intelligent key peg to identify each key in your electronic key cabinet

Locked and unlocked key places

IntelliPin is available in two versions. Non-lockable pegs give an alarm immediately when the key is removed without authorisation first being given via the KeyWin software. Lockable pegs go a step further, and physically lock the key/peg in the strip.

Display for electronic key cabinet

Display for overview

Display for a good overview provides an excellent menu navigation. Activate alarms, see who has taken out a given key or view the history, all directly on the display.

Personal code to your electronic key cabinet

Personal Code

The key cabients is equipped with a keypad for programming and entering personal codes.

Intelligent key peg to identify each key in your electronic key cabinet


Even though the IntelliPin itself does not have any intelligence, it is because of each peg's unique identity that the peg can register all events together with KeyWin5. It is easy for you to look up who has had which key and when.

Illustration for Network. Key management system communicates by a server


The Keycontrol series, together with the KeyWin software, means the KeyBox is expandable with control via a PC network and TCP/IP.

Electronic Key cabinet can expand up to 15 expansion cabinets

Simple expansion

The expansion series can be expanded simply with several expansion key cabinets connected to a main key cabinet. Construction solutions from 6 compartments up to 96 compartments or from 14 keys up to several thousand.

Store up to 224 keys in a key cabinet.


You can easily store from a few keys up to several thousand keys in the Basic, System and Keycontrol key cabinet series. Compartments, key hooks or key strips that identify each key ring.

Battery backup for electronic key cabinet

Battery backup

With battery backup, you never need to worry about the key cabinet's availability.

Card reader for key cabinet

Card reader

The key cabients can be easily connected to a card reader and it is simply integrated into your existing system. Alcohol interlocks and similar solutions are also available.

RFID access to your key box


Unique code thanks to our preselected RFID reader (Promag GP200). Can only be used with the Keycontrol cabinet.

Alarm for electronic key cabinets


The key cabient is equipped with an alarm function that signals: when the door is open, if someone takes the wrong key, when the key cabinet is moved or if the service door is opened. It can also be connected to an external alarm.