SAAB Combitech – New strategic partner for Creone

September 30, 2009
Creone is now taking a further clear step to strengthen and hold its position as the leading company in the key management industry. We are now starting collaboration with SAAB Combitech to develop our products for the future.

Combitech is Sweden's leading technology, development and management consultancy company. Combitech works in a number of branches, e.g., aviation, defence and telecoms as well as the entire industrial segment. With this expertise and the breadth offered by SAAB Combitech to Creone, we are now investing in the future with new products and solutions so we can continuously offer our customers the best and most intelligent solutions for the management of keys and valuables.

We welcome SAAB Combitech to this collaboration and this means that we have yet another strong partner, together with Markenvard Media and Tranås Rostfria, ensuring that expertise in all areas is of the utmost quality!